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this was me 2 months ago. my closest friends turned on me and i had no one. i would ditch school/stay at home, or hide in my classrooms/library. there was a point where i actually did want to kill myself. well i got through it; sure things with my friends got better and we’re tight now, but i also just realized that these things arent going to matter in a few years. in a few years, you’ll be off doing what you love and being surrounded by people who share the same love as you do! please just tough it out for now! if things are really bad, try to see if you can transfer schools

*another tip i used to do: i wouldnt do my homework at home, i’d wait till the next day and do it in the library so i’d be really focused on that and not worry about my social life*


my first kiss happened at a school dance haha

i honestly think kisses arent really that big of a deal. if you actually like someone, then ding ding ding thats who your goal to kiss will be. i guess just send hints, flirt, brush against him, yadda yadda.

it’ll come naturally


Don’t compare yourself to your ex’s new girlfriend because that shouldn’t matter if you don’t like him. Just act as you were before you found out. Even if the girl is the complete opposite of you doesn’t mean you weren’t the type of girl for him before. He might just think that that girl is fun to be around or he’ll manage to get some quick action from her. Don’t judge someone because thats what other people say about them. You can try meeting her in person and you’ll realize she’s a nice girl after all. 


First, you don’t have to have boobs or a butt for a guy to like you! She’s probably just very sweet with him and thats why he likes her based on her personality.

Facebook likes don’t mean anything, i see so many pretty or funny pictures i don’t end up liking  them because i forget to, i’m busy looking through my newsfeed or i don’t know the person very well so i just keep scrolling.

Just because you don’t have a boyfriend doesn’t mean you’re ugly! Just wait till high school, you’ll meet so many new people and there’s many opportunities to meet new guys. 


If his friend told you he just “fucks and leaves” don’t be heartbroken when thats actually what he does. You can continue playing hard to get but with guys like those when they finally get you, its like they’ve won and if he doesn’t like you the way you like him and he doesn’t want to be in a relationship then he’ll just leave. So don’t put your hopes up to high honey, you never know what happens with guys like those. 


If you are going off to a college nearby it’ll be easier to stay in contact with her and see her, go on dates, etc. If you are going to a college far away the best you can do is make sure to keep texting and calling her, show to her you are thinking about her and you miss her. If you have time on weekends or on breaks do a surprise visit or always make sure to spend time with her when you get back home. If you really love her, you’ll manage to stay with her and it’ll work out. She can also take time and visit you often at your college if its not too far away. Maybe just a few hours drive won’t be too bad for her to go and see you. 


Well, first I want to assure you not to worry about having small boobs, you still have a couple years before they stop growing completely. 

What i think is the best way to ask her is just to tell her you want them because you want to be able to fill out shirts and dresses and they would help you feel more confident in your clothing. 

Also, I want to remind that small boobs can be beneficial: 

  • Easy to wear deep v’s, for example when you are older you can wear those deep v dresses without having to worry anything will pop out!
  • Push up bras can double, even triple your breast size. You can choose to keep your natural size or get push ups, women with large breasts have a harder time making their boobs seem smaller. 
  • You can go braless but I recommend not doing this with t-shirts because it can be very obvious but with over-sized/thick sweaters/sweatshirts you can let them be free, or even sundresses you don’t have to worry about a bra strap showing. 
  • Oh, and when you’re older they won’t be saggy! 

Just because you want to go out to parties and be social doesn’t mean that you are obsessed with being popular!

No one should judge you based on your friends, they don’t define the type of person you are. Go out and don’t worry about if people will or won’t talk to you, if you were invited that means they wanted you there. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

If it makes you happy, go out and have a good time! 


Long-distance relationships are extremely difficult for many couples because you need a HUGE amount of commitment and trust for each other. If you are doubting that you want to try to make your relationship work then thats kind of a hint to say that it won’t work out being that far from him because you aren’t completely committing yourself to trying. 

The only thing i can suggest is to tell him that you think it’ll be too hard to have a long-distance relationship with him and that you would prefer to break up because you think it’ll be the best and easiest thing for both of you.

The nice thing about breaking up with someone who is moving away is that you won’t have many reminders of him since its a slight chance that you’ll randomly run into him.

If you find that you do miss him and you want to try again to see if it could work then just take a drive down and see him and talk to him about it. Don’t wait a year or two though, if you want to be with him don’t give another girl the opportunity to take your place. 


Friends come and go, it happens to everyone.  I have “friends” who I don’t talk to anymore and aren’t as close to as I used to be. That doesn’t mean they hate you, they probably just think that its hard to get along or you don’t have much in common with her? Especially with that big of an age difference, its harder to talk about problems and everyday stuff cause you guys have different experiences. 

You can always make the effort to become friends with her but you probably will have a tough time being BFFs or super close simply because, its hard finding a true best friend who sticks with you.

Don’t be afraid to ask her, its not going to make her hate you just by asking her a question and she might realize that she didn’t mean to act this way towards you.